1. Anything that can be put into boxes or bins should be put into boxes or bins. This allows the movers to pack the truck more efficiently as well as reduces time spent packing the truck.
  2. Label boxes according to the rooms they will go into, to reduce the amount of times the movers have to ask where they go.
  3. When packing fragile items into boxes or bins be sure to wrap them in bubble or wraping paper. Use cell dividers for glasses.
  4. Take out and box  loose items in drawers from dressers, clothes can usually stay in the drawers.
  5. Make sure bottoms of boxes are taped properly.
  6. Use a cooler to put all the fridge items into. Try to use as much of the food from the fridge/freezer that you can prior to the move.
  7. Remember to always ask if your moving company is insured.
  8. Make a list of personal items needed on the moving day.
  9. If there is anything you wish to get rid of then this is a perfect time to do it before the move.
  10. Determine how much of the packing you wish to do yourself.
  11. Remember to make a list of places to inform of you new address. ie : doctor, newspaper, friends, bank, accountant, dentist, lawyer, school, phone/cable company , insurance, clubs, government, credit card.